everything you need to know is right here.

01: do you update often?

if i feel inspired to make wallpapers, i will update, but it most likely won't be frequent unless i'm on some sort of a creative binge.

02: what subjects do you like to work with and what papers would you like to feature here?

i enjoy making wallpapers based on movies and books. whatever i'm interested in at the moment, you can expect some sort of wallpaper based on that.

i'd love to have (more) papers for; xmen, the nightmare before xmas, hellboy, silence of the lambs, the matrix, edward scissorhands, treasure planet, harry potter, labyrinth, from hell, xfiles, hook, tomb raider, johnny depp, legend, etc.

03: can i use the wallpapers for my layouts?


04: are there any rules before viewing the wallpapers?

yes, there are 3 rules.

      01: no stealing or direct linking the wallpapers
      02: no using them on sites without permission from me
      03: no stealing the wallpapers!!

05: if i send you a wallpaper i made, would you put it up?

no, sorry. this site is only for wallpapers i make.

06: what programs do you use and what are a few of your favorite effects/font?

currently i use jasc paintshop pro 7.1/8.0 and adobe photoshop 6.0. some of my favorite effects are: dither, wind, motion blur, aged newspaper, and grain. as for fonts, i like riven, times new roman, and scythe.

that's it: view the wallpapers?