/wallpapers was created to house all the wallpapers i've made, or will make in the future. it is here for other people to use for their desktops, not for people to steal the graphics and turn them into layouts and then take credit {you can read all about that stuff in the about section}. and now on to the important stuff:

      × created: may 02 2003
      × graphics program: adobe 6.0 and jasc paintshop pro 7.1/8.0
      × html: handcoded in notepad by me
      × fonts: trebuchet ms
      × updated: whenever i feel like it

      layout01: featured characters from the matrix. {{ view?
      layout02: featured a unicorn image that was heavily edited. it       can be found in the beautiful book, the unicorn of kilimanjaro.       {{ view?
      layout03: features pyrokinetic elizabeth sherman from the movie       and comicbook hellboy. {{ view?
      layout04: features treebeard from the lord of the rings. {{ view?

      WP LINKS;
      × the golden perch: lotr wp {featured}
      × the three broomsticks: hp wp {featured}
      × peeling: misc wp {affiliate}
      × regression: misc wp {affiliate}
      × papel: lotr wp
      × covergirls vs coverboys: anime wp
      × anime wp

if you'd like to link this site, please consider simply linking to my domain,, since i really don't consider this to be a separate site. you can find many buttons there, including a few buttons featuring this layout and past layouts. thanks a lot!

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